Special Growler

The BARC race is only 6 days away, July 27 and 28.
This was to have been our TQLA bbq. However, BARC is going to put on a dinner for all concerned on Saturday evening. We thought that we should not be putting on a social event and thus spoil their idea of bringing the sport together.
Our BBQ is cancelled! This does not mean that we can not get together for an adult beverage after the racing but before the dinner. We also will provide pie and icecream for dessert for those who wish to continue bench racing after dinner.
Please save the date; Saturday November 23. That will be the date of the TQLA / LASC 2019 Awards Banquet. Like last year it will be held at the Idlewild Hotel in London. More information to follow.
I hope to see many of you ate CTMP ( Mosport ) on July 27.

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