The Growler, by #9

May 9th, 2019

After a lengthy wait, the 2019 racing season is upon us. Who will compete in the BEMC organized races? Who will take home the Leighton Irwin Trophy for being the first, best organized competitor? I do know that it will not be me!
My car is together, but lacks a few strategic parts. The Motor Home, trailer and driver are not fully ready either! I had a miserable last season, happered by a medical malady that carried into the fall. No it is not anything life threatening. I did get my ice racer going and the Suzuki engine rebuilt.
The first day of ice racing it was -29 C. My car would not start. When I did get it running, the first tme I used the brakes hard the front seized solid and would not release.
I worked to free things up, but openning the hydaulics was the only way. Then, while crossing the main drive in the paddock I slipped in a rut. I did a cartoon like tumble with my feet above my head and landed on the crown of a rut, breaking seversl ribs.
No fix sor broken ribs, just sit and wait and hurt! It still nags at times.So much for racing or even working on a car!
I plan to run at the VARAC festival if Ted approves. I will be at BEMC this weekend to ask hin. Is anyone else interested?
Who is going to BEMC? let me know. If you are there I will meet you.